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About Us
   Autohouse Import Factory is your Complete One Stop Shop for all your Sports Car needs giving our clients access to a diverse selection of Parts, Vehicle, Suspension, Wheels/Tires, and Body Parts. I serve the Import Community as well as the Exotic Sports Car Community and have been a fan of both all my life. I'm a performance car enthusiast, like many of the customers I serve. With over 15 years involvement in the Automotive Community I have seen many shops come and go. World class customer service along with a high standard of professionalism is what separates Autohouse from its competitors.  I shrived to open Autohouse Import Factory as I realized the demand for a shop of it's caliber, thats, not easily copied and goes left when other shops are going right. Autohouse Import Factory  has entered the market to innovate not duplicate and will lead the South Florida Automotive marketplace into the future. Autohouse has arrived to lift the Sports Car Community with Performance Cars that are one of a higher standard. 
What we do at Autohouse Import Factory:
   Here at Autohouse Import Factory we carry an extremely diversified line up of Parts and Vehicles targeting the Nissan and Toyota Communities respectively. Our inventory is stocked in house giving our clients the availability they demand for a smooth and fast transaction. We also stock parts at our out of state warehouses in Tennessee and California leading to record delivery times to our out of state clients.  Overhauls are performed daily using Parts chosen directly from you the Client via our Online Application . Parts are acquired via our overseas  partners giving our clients access to the Japanese Domestic Market. Vehicles are acquired for Resale, Parts, and Complete builds. All vehicles and parts are sold via our knowledgeable sales team and installed in house by our experienced technicians. So what do we do here at Autohouse? We supply our clients with everything desired for your vehicle: Paint/Body Work, Wheels/Tires, Performance Parts, New/Used Vehicles, and Suspension.
  Being involved in the Import Community for over 15 years here in South Florida and Central Florida I've seen the community grow to what it is today. I have acquired the education needed to build and sustain a Performance Autohouse of this caliber via a  Bachelors Degree in Business Management through the University of Central Florida School of Business. My education and experience in the industry have given me the tools needed to enter the performance market place and flourish. I've put together numerous Imports as seen via our Import Showroom ; from a 1985 Corolla GT-S Hatch (AE86) to a 1993 Lexus SC400 w/ Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE Swap,  all with the idea to keep them for myself. The vehicles were sold for offers I couldn't refuse to various Import enthusiasts around the United States. I have experience selling vehicles and parts, hands on experience.  I've spent time as a consumer in the business and am very much in tune with what enthusiasts are looking for out of their Import vehicles: reliability, cleanliness, power, handling, efficiency, and self expression.  I manage Autohouse Import Factory making sure to never put my customer at risk! I bring to you a One Stop Sports Car Autohouse for all your Performance Car needs and intend to continue offering a higher standard of quality and fair pricing for all my customers. I will continue to thrive for excellence and customer satisfaction. This is Autohouse Import Factory/Team A.I.F.
Christopher Parnther
Autohouse Import Factory
Team A.I.F.
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